Towing A Horse Trailer Advice

When you buy a horse trailer from Greenslade Horse Trailers we will have performed a full trailer safety check, however every time you connect your towing vehicle to the trailer it is your responsibility to ensure that you, your passengers and horses will not be exposed to any unnecessary risks.

When driving always double check all connections (lights, Safety cable and hitch) and be certain all doors are closed and secured.

Drive carefully. Make turns slowly. Start and stop slowly and steadily, look far ahead to avoid emergencies. Drive in a defensive manner.

Distribute the weight of the load as evenly as possible, keeping the weight over the trailer axle to maintain good balance of the trailer.

Never throw lighted cigarettes or matches from a car or truck window. As well as the possibility of starting a fire in the area, there have been cases where the wind has sucked them back into the trailer.

Check the horse and trailer hitch at every stop.

Make a basic first aid kit part of your 'trailer pack' this can be really useful when you are away from your yard and there is some kind of an incident.

Also why not carry an emergency kit with you. This could contain: jumper cables, jack, electrical/duct tape, WD-40, tyre changing tools plus a heavy duty flashlight which has extra batteries and a loop which you can use to hang from the back of your trailer in case your lights fail in transit.

Check that your vehicle insurance provides adequate cover for your trailer, you can take out specialist trailer cover in addition - if you are at all concerned.

Consider what you will do if you break down whilst towing your horses to or from an event. Most breakdown covers DO NOT automatically include your trailer, however cover can be added - that will ensure you, your vehicle, trailer and horses all reach your destination.

This advice is merely intended as a guide to Towing a horse trailer, Greenslade Horse Trailers recommend that you to seek expert advice on any points about which you are unsure.

Trailer Recommendations

We thought we would list these videos and recommendations here. You might find them helpful. We aren't just plugging the products!
Fautras Aid System

This is a brilliant system for those that have to load horses by themselves - especially anyone who has had a horse that just wants to get out of a trailer as soon as it has loaded - and there isn't anyone on hand to put the rear strap/guard up quick!
The 'Barn Door' System or 'Rampless' Ramp

We are fans of the 'barn door' rather than a ramp at the back. Lots of manufacturers now offer this option. We think its actually safer than using a ramp. It might not look as safe to us humans, but once the horses get familiar with it they seem to be more comfortable with a step rather than a ramp. A lot of injuries we hear about are involved with horses stepping off the ramp.

This video features Fautras, who were one of the first manufacturers to introduce the barn door system.

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