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Introducing the new Cheval Liberte 'Gold Magnum' horse trailer which we are now stocking - The Gold Magnum has the highest internal measurement of any 2 horse trailer available in UK today, it's  inside measurement from floor to ceiling is 7 feet 6 inches the same as the old Ifor Williams HB510R, which is a boon for owners of tall horses and horses with a very high head carriage, and for horses that get upset or excited because they feel too confined when carried in 7 feet tall trailers - The new Gold Magnum is an especially welcome newcomer on the block since Ifor Williams have replaced the HB510R with the new HB511 which is only 7 feet 5 inches high inside.

At last someone in the horse trailer business other than Jean Luc Fautras of Fautras Horse trailers has had enough good sense to make a 2 horse forward facing trailer with a sensible central partition - The central partition in the Gold Magnum, is only about a foot in depth from top to bottom with a much longer skirt hanging underneath than in other forward facing horse trailers, which allows horses to spread their legs out underneath it if they want to, which is particularly good for horses that normally go down in forward facing trailers because of their inability to spread their rear legs out to balance themselves when going around bends and roundabouts because the central partition is too close to the floor. Another good point about the central partition in the Gold Magnum is that if ONLY ONE horse is being carried, it can be swung over in either direction at the back and fastened which completely solves the problem of wall-climbers and horses that need to spread their rear legs to balance themselves when going round bends and roundabouts.

The Gold Magnum has a number of other features that make it very versatile and interesting for owners of a variety of different horses in the way it is used, compared to an ordinary rear load/front unload horse trailer - which I here list below . The front and rear anti-skid ramps can also be used as doors allowing the trailer to be used as a step-in step-out trailer PARTICULARLY INTERESTING FOR PEOPLE WHO RIDE WESTERN - or just as a step-in trailer with a ramp on the front for exiting the trailer OR one can use the rear loading ramp and the front door only for exiting the trailer allowing horse to step out - THERE ARE MANY HORSES THAT JUST DO NOT LIKE RAMPS. 

The rear ramp that can be used as a door, is particularly good for users that also use their trailers to collect bags of feed and hay which allows a fork-lift truck with a pallet of feed to be placed right inside when the central partition is removed because A FORK-LIFT CAN GO RIGHT UP TO THE BACK OF THE TRAILER which normally would not be possible because the rear ramp would hinder the passage of the fork lift.
The Gold Magnum has excellent ventilation which includes 2 venting front side windows and a pop up roof vent with variable settings of openness AND it has an excellent nylon rear water proof pull down cover instead of rear doors which keeps rain out but allows ventilation and air flow through the trailer - the rear cover pops up out of the way automatically when not in use, unlike the old fashioned roll up and tie rear covers. 

The Gold Magnum also has an AUTOMATIC JOCKEY WHEEL which makes hitching up and unhitching from the towing vehicle a much easier and more simple operation than when using conventional jockey wheels that are on most other trailers - perhaps one day all horse trailers will have automatic jockey wheels ??.

The Gold Magnum is available in black - White - Silver - Anthracite - Blue and Burgundy.

Latest Updated Price on the 21/04/2011 is
£4230-00 plus VAT of £846-00 = Total Price of £5076-00

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