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Mrs Kim Kendal and husband of Yorkshire pictured, taking delivery of their Fautras Oblic + 3 herring-bone horse trailer at Louella Stud in Leicestershire.

The Fautras Oblic + range of herring-bone trailers is probably the best quality horse trailer available in UK today, which has been designed and manufactured by Jean Luc Fautras and his team in the south of France, they currently make about 200 units of horse trailers per month and are fast gaining a unique reputation for their ability to carry horses in tranquility and with out stress, mainly because of the horses ability to spread their rear legs to balance themselves during transit, which is not possible in a normal forward facing or rear facing trailers where the central partition do not allow horses to spread their rear legs.

The Fautras Oblic + 3 pictured above has a very strong rubber covered polyethylene rot-proof floor as do all Fautras horse trailers, and independent all round rubberised suspension which allows  horses a very smooth bump free ride - Mrs Kendal's trailer pictured also has an off-side gas-strut assisted hitching rail that pops upwards and outwards when required to tether the horses safely away from the trailer. 

The trailer also has a large tack locker on the UK offside with saddle racks inside together with many hooks etc to hang bridles and reins and other equipment, it also has ample storage room for other equipment such as water drums and feed etc.

The trailer pictured above also has the unique Fautras Summer window on the near-side which can be opened when horses are standing in the stationery trailer to allow plenty of cooling air - It can also be used in conjunction with the sliding windows on the opposite side and with the drop down shutters in the rear doors to create good airflow    [sometimes a draught] through the trailer which horse really appreciate.

It should be noted that the drop down shutters in the rear doors can be regulated from barely open to wide open according to the weather and the users requirement.

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