Introducing our new 24 and 36 month instalment plan for buyers of new horse trailers.

For further information please email details of the trailer you require together with your contact details and we will contact you informing you the amount that you will have to pay over 24 and 36 months.


The attached pictures show the brand new Pegasus Beta two horse trailer recently purchased by Mrs Sue B of Staffordshire with her very well cared for 16.1 and 17.00hh horses.

As can be seen the trailer has a tack locker with saddle and bridle hangers etc. which is accessed through its own individual door on the offside of the trailer.

The trailer which has front and side air-vents to keeps the trailer cool also has sliding-windows on both sides and in the jockey door on te front of the trailer, which allows an extra flow of air through the trailer which is very much appreciated by horses on hot summer days especially when used in conjunction with the top rear doors open.

As can be seen through the open offside door above the tack-locker the trailer is also equipped with a robust head-guard head-separator which is detachable if not required. 

The Pegasus Beta is good for carry large warm-bloods and the like up to 18hh.

Pictures show Mrs Jean Sharratt of the THE PADDOCKS a registered charity based at Canterbury Kent collecting the centres brand new Wessex Treble horse trailer.

THE PADDOCKS  provides riding and working with horses opportunities for people that would otherwise be excluded from this activity.

The centre also provides training opportunities for volunteers and people with hidden disabilities to expand their knowledge, increase self esteem and provides a firm foundation for further development in any field. One of THE PADDOCKS many aims is to develop life skills for people with behavioural difficulties. Mrs Jean Sharratt the centres principle may be contacted on 01227  451721 - see the Paddock website www.thepaddocks.org

Introducing the new Cheval Liberte 'Gold Magnum' horse trailer which we are now stocking - The Gold Magnum has the highest internal measurement of any 2 horse trailer available in UK today, it's  inside measurement from floor to ceiling is 7 feet 6 inches the same as the old Ifor Williams HB510R, which is a boon for owners of tall horses and horses with a very high head carriage, and for horses that get upset or excited because they feel too confined when carried in 7 feet tall trailers - The new Gold Magnum is an especially welcome newcomer on the block since Ifor Williams have replaced the HB510R with the new HB511 which is only 7 feet 5 inches high inside.


Mrs Kim Kendal and husband of Yorkshire pictured, taking delivery of their Fautras Oblic + 3 herring-bone horse trailer at Louella Stud in Leicestershire.

The Fautras Oblic + range of herring-bone trailers is probably the best quality horse trailer available in UK today, which has been designed and manufactured by Jean Luc Fautras and his team in the south of France, they currently make about 200 units of horse trailers per month and are fast gaining a unique reputation for their ability to carry horses in tranquility and with out stress, mainly because of the horses ability to spread their rear legs to balance themselves during transit, which is not possible in a normal forward facing or rear facing trailers where the central partition do not allow horses to spread their rear legs.


Pictures herewith show the latest 2010 Fautras Provan Premium step-in horse trailer with exit doors on either side at the front The trailer has no ramps for loading at back or exiting at the front Horses simply step in and step out.

This writer an experienced horse trailer sales person, can confirm that the Fautras Provan trailer pictured is one of the best quality and most horse friendly horse trailers available in the world today   The designer Jean Luc Fautras is a great horseman in the Monty Roberts/Pat Parelli ilk, he has thought long and hard about its design from his extensive knowledge of horses and how they behave during loading and transportation,  throughout its conception - design and construction, with the sole aim of making the ultimate in horse friendly transportation in a forward facing horse trailer.

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Pictures show Mrs Dow of Stenhouse Muir - Stirlingshire with her brand new Wessex Olympian horse trailer, which is becoming very popular in UK because of its' 7 feet 6 inch interior height which allows it to carry horses up to 18hh.

Mrs Dow says that her large show class hunter just took to the trailer like a duck to water and has never travelled as well in any other horse trailer, she says that her horse particularly seems likes the extra headroom and airiness of the trailer which is non claustrophobic.

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Wessex Trailers introduce their brand new rear facing horse trailer to take two horses up to 18hh.

Horses are loaded into the trailer via the front nearside ramp and walked up to the breast bars at the rear of the trailer After the horses have been tethered the handler/groom exits the trailer via the sensibly sized  jockey-door at the rear near side of the trailer [see picture of jockey-door at rear].

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The Tuck family: Grannie - Grand-dad - Daughter Debbie - Grand-Daughter Chloe and dogs Woodie & Bailie of Orpington Kent collecting there new top of the range  Bateson Ascot 56

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Mr Stephen Durrant and his daughter Deven of Kent shown below taking delivery of their brand new silver Ifor Williams HB506 horse trailer to match their silver towing vehicle.

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Mr and Mrs Findlater-Bunting pictured when collecting their new blue Fautras Oblic Plus 2 front unload horse trailer.

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Mr and Mrs Walsh Atkins from Worcestershire collecting their smart 2006 Fautras Oblic 2 which she chose from our constantly changing range of good used horse trailers.

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Miss B of Haywards Heath pictured while collecting her new Bateson Deauville 55 which has American doors and a rear pull-out ramp [Boston Option] with black stripe around to match her black towing vehicles.

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Sally Mitchell of Bexhill-on-Sea - East Sussex collecting her brand new Richardson Supreme Ultra with 'Equi-Tidy' saddle and tack storage locker attached to the front.

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Miss Julliet Hatfield and Dad of Rochester Kent collecting her new Bateson Deauville 55 horse trailer which unlike many horse trailers of this weight will carry two horses up to 17.1hh.

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Miss Nicola Parker taking delivery of her brand new limited edition Ifor Williams HP505R Epona Pearl Blackberry to carry 2 X 16.2 hh horses.

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Kathy Learner and Mum of Horsham West Sussex take delivery of Kathy's new Bateson Ascot 56 with American doors and pull out ramp.

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