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Sally Mitchell of Bexhill-on-Sea - East Sussex collecting her brand new Richardson Supreme Ultra with 'Equi-Tidy' saddle and tack storage locker attached to the front.

The generous proportions of the Ultra 8 feet 2 inches at centre allows comfortable transportation of horses and carthorses up to 18hh with a maximum distance of 7 feet between breast and breech bars. The unique cut away roof and curved door above the front exit ramp allows horses with very high head carriage to exit the trailer without having to duck down to avoid hitting their heads.

The Ultra which is made by the Richardson trailer company of York who have been manufacturing trailers for over 50 years, recently upgraded their trailers to place them firmly into the 21st century, they now have plastic floors with a life time guarantee, windows beside the horses heads allowing a view out when travelling which has proven to stop boredom which can cause cribbing and other bad habits. The Richardson range also have quick change plug-in rear light units which does away with the necessity to fiddle with wiring-up a new rear light should you back into something and break a rear light or have a horse kick it which is a quite common occurrence.

As with all trailers in the Supreme range, a spare wheel and cover mounted on the side of the trailer is standard, and the grooms door is lockable.

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