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Miss B of Haywards Heath pictured while collecting her new Bateson Deauville 55 which has American doors and a rear pull-out ramp [Boston Option] with black stripe around to match her black towing vehicles.

The Deauville which is the most popular front unload trailer by Bateson has a generous 7 feet 3 inches headroom allowing horses up to 17.1 hh to be transported. The centrally hinged partition is very easy to operate and allows plenty of space for entry and exit and the large front window combined with the white interior gives a very light and airy environment which allows a view of the horses during transit, it also has a double internal saddle rack and cover at the front which can remain in place during unloading.

Miss B chose to have the 'Boston option' i.e.'American doors' at rear with slide out ramp instead of the normal lift up ramp which allows the horses to step directly into the trailer as practised in USA, Canada, Austalia and New Zealand this model is very good to use with horses that have the habit of taking one step backwards before being tethered when loading, at which time some horses offside rear foot can slip of the side of the ramp injuring the inside of the leg, others that back out the other way across a slippery ramp can slip over and injure themselves - This cannot happen with the Boston Option trailer which also has drop down flaps above the rear door to allow air-flow through when required.

For drivers that have difficulty in reversing up to a trailer to couple-up before a journey the Deauville has a coupling mirror that allows drivers to see the trailer coupling head in the interior mirror of the towing vehicle which enables them to reverse precisely up to the correct place when hitching up.

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