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Pictures herewith show the latest 2010 Fautras Provan Premium step-in horse trailer with exit doors on either side at the front The trailer has no ramps for loading at back or exiting at the front Horses simply step in and step out.

This writer an experienced horse trailer sales person, can confirm that the Fautras Provan trailer pictured is one of the best quality and most horse friendly horse trailers available in the world today   The designer Jean Luc Fautras is a great horseman in the Monty Roberts/Pat Parelli ilk, he has thought long and hard about its design from his extensive knowledge of horses and how they behave during loading and transportation,  throughout its conception - design and construction, with the sole aim of making the ultimate in horse friendly transportation in a forward facing horse trailer.

Jean Luc Fautras pioneered polypropylene plastic rot resistant floors in horse trailers which many have tried to copy with limited success, the Provan pictured has a plastic floor as do all other Fautras trailers which unlike metal floors do not rattle and bang like some trailers with aluminium floors.

The trailer has two front unloading doors, horses can be unloaded from either the left or right side.

There is also a pivoting removable head guard [not a grill]  separating the horse heads which which hides the horses from each other which prevent biting and bullying etc.   

An optional extra on the the UK nearside off the trailer pictured is a door fitted tack locker which can be swung out of the trailer by opening the door outwards and back clear of the horse, which can then be attached to the drawbar so it never gets in the horses way The tack  locker is sturdy with a pair of keys to prevent tack theft.

Note also the oversize window on the trailer pictured [an extra] which allows plenty of light inside and views of the horses.

The trailer pictured also has a fold up and outwards hitching-rail which keeps horses tethered away from the trailer to stop any damage or injury to horse or trailer This is very handy because it pops up on gas struts when required but folds away neatly away secured by leather straps when not in use.

There are two front side sliding windows [a standard fitting on the PROVAN PREMIUM] to keep horses cool on hot days,  which is especially effective when used in conjunction with the drop down shutters incorporated in the rear doors which allows a cooling flow of air through the trailer These sliding window are covered by safety-grills to prevent any accidental breakages by horses or injuries to the same.

The trailer has the innovative Fautras patented award winning AID SYSTEM which allows the user to control the rear breach bars from inside the front of the trailer on either side, so that when loading, the person leading the horse into the trailer can move a lever when the horse is in which immediately closes the rear breech-bar behind the horse, which prevents horses  backing out as they so often do,  the breast bar  is then secured, and loading is quickly completed. The person loading the horse can then go round to the rear of the trailer and close the door behind the loaded horse which then protects them from being kicked from under the breech-bar, while he is leading in the second horse to the adjacent stall Closing of one door behind a horse that has already been loaded cannot be achieved with a trailer with a ramp.
The AID SYSTEM also allows the user to enter the trailer at the front and untie a horse and move the AID SYSTEM LEVER which opens the breech bar to allow the horse to be unloaded backwards individually without having to go around and undo the breech bars this can be done from either side of the trailer because it has front doors with access the AID LEVER on both sides.

Last but not least the Provan is also fitted with the award winning Fautras breast bar safety system which allows breast bars to drop down automatically if a horse jumps up and gets trapped with front legs over the breast bars which seldom happens, but does happen from time to time The breast bar break-away system works when 150 kilos or more weight is placed on it - Any one who has experienced this happening will know that it is impossible to lift a 500 kilogram horse who is some times a little crazy off a breast-bar.

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