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Mr and Mrs Findlater-Bunting pictured when collecting their new blue Fautras Oblic Plus 2 front unload horse trailer.

The Oblic Plus 2 is an evolvement from the Oblic 2 trailer in which the horses also stand on the herringbone but have to turn around inside to exit the trailer at the back - which is sometime a little difficult for some very large or very stocky horses which wont or don't like bending in the middle to turn around.

In the new Oblic Plus 2 [Pictured] the horses can just walk out of the large front exit door and down the ramp on the front nearside which they face when loaded - so unloading is very easy.

All Fautras trailers are made from very strong heavy duty glass-fibre with a very thick heavy duty rot and corrosion free plastic [polyethylene] floor with rubber matting on top that completely seals of the inside from road water, mud and snow etc.

The Oblic Plus 2 also has a large tack-locker with saddle hangers which is reached by a similar door to the exit door on the offside front - it is available in a choice of 6 colours with 3 sliding windows with grills. It is a step-in trailer with American style doors with an optional pull-out ramp which is not really required to load horses but is very useful for loading carriages or quad bikes.

One of the best features of the trailer is the the calmness of horses being carried which seems to come from their ability to stabilise themselves on turns and roundabouts which comes from their being able to stand crossways with their rear legs spread, in a similar way to a human standing on a subway train who faces sideways hanging onto the strap with legs slightly spread as opposed to facing forward.

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