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Mr and Mrs Walsh Atkins from Worcestershire collecting their smart 2006 Fautras Oblic 2 which she chose from our constantly changing range of good used horse trailers.

The Oblic 2 is an exceptionally high quality trailer which was designed and made by Jean Luc Fautras at his factory near Bordeaux in south west France.

Jean Luc is extremely talented in his understanding of horses and their behaviour and in particular stress free ways to transport horses that don't like being transported in conventional horse trailers.

He has proven since starting his horse trailer business in 1987 that the most comfortable stress-free way to transport horses in a trailer is with the horses standing crossways/herringbone without rigid partitions separating them so that horses can spread their legs and balance as the trailer travels along, instead of being buffeted in the chest by the breast bar when brakes are applied in forward facing trailers.

This cross standing method of transporting horses is particularly good when carrying horses that go down in conventional forward facing trailers with a rigid partition in the centre, in which horses frequently lean on the central partition while trying to climb the opposite wall of the trailer before going down at the front-legs or back-legs, or even sitting down like a dog.

The Oblic 2 is a step in trailer with American doors that have drop down shutters in them which can be regulated from being open just a little to completely wide open, and they do not flap about and rattle like conventional rear doors that fold round and fasten to the side of the trailer.

There is also an under-floor rear pull out ramp if really needed to load a horse which is generally not required - however it can be very handy when loading wheeled carriages or quad bikes.

The Oblic 2 above which has now been superseded by the Oblic Plus Two front unload model, has a plastic rot resistant floor and a special super-strong fibre-glass body which is so strong that we give demonstrations where we hit it with a hammer and cannot break it - the Fautras has independent all round suspension which absorbs bumps and pot-holes giving a smooth ride so that that horses arrive stress free.

The Oblic 2 above is aerodynamically designed which allows it to be towed stably on motorways with hardy any wind resistance which increases fuel economy and ride comfort by a considerable amount over long distances.

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